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Five formulas to live healthy + happy

Five formulas to live
healthy + happy

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“I’ve been using the Recovery CBD daily and have noticed how much easier it is to hop out of bed in the morning. I don’t have the stiffness or aches that I usually have after sleeping.”

- Adam

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“With the Focus and Tranquility blends, I was able to stop taking a sleep medication that I had been using for a couple years to help me sleep. Additionally, the Focus provides some relief from ADD like symptoms throughout the day!”

- Nick

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I am a daytime ICU traveling nurse and am exhausted after a shift but have a hard time shutting my brain off. I was able to use Tranquility to finally get some quality sleep and I didn’t have any fear of failing a drug test for work.”

- Anna

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Our products have an enjoyable taste (which has provided us higher levels of customer success), as we’ve eliminated the plant matter, focusing on the aromatic qualities of our targeted terpenes to eliminate the offensive taste that many CBD products often have.


Applied Botanics products are manufactured and processed with pharmaceutical grade equipment, so you can have confidence that the product you take today will be the same consistent product you take tomorrow.


We own and control every operational step that goes into growing, manufacturing, and selling our product. This allows us to price our products way below market averages, with high levels of CBD, and at the lowest price per CBD mg ($.03) on the market.

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