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A CBD staple for Anna the traveling nurse

Like many nurses, Anna is a travel nurse who is required to submit frequent drug tests. Before a major move to the west coast for work, where she’d be required to take a drug test, she completed a 12-hour shift. That type of shift definitely warrants a good night’s sleep. In hopes of improving her sleep, Anna took our Tranquility CBD oil for the first time. She was looking for a product that would:

  • Stop the nightly tossing and turning 
  • Remove the groggy feeling when waking up
  • Get her morning started on the right foot

When she woke up, she felt rested, but quickly became nervous about her use of Tranquility and her upcoming drug test. 

Does Applied Botanics have THC? I quickly Googled it to be sure.

Luckily for Anna, she chose her CBD wisely, as all Applied Botanics CBD products are THC-Free. Her drug test came back clear of any levels of THC. 

Why is this Important?

One of the most common questions we get about CBD in general is “will it get you high or fail a drug test due to THC?” The answer? It might.  There are many other CBD companies that sell “full spectrum CBD” which often has inconsistent THC levels and may cause you to feel different or even fail a drug test. 

Ok, tell me more…

With Applied Botanics Complete Spectrum CBD, you’ll never have to worry about THC existing in any of our products. We use a molecular distillation and crystallization process to completely remove all traces of THC and ensure our customers use a safe and consistent product. 

In fact, every batch of Applied Botanics CBD is tested by an ISO and DEA-certified accredited laboratory. Each batch of our product will have its own Certificate of Analysis (COA). These COA’s are listed on our website. 

These COAs hold us accountable and ensure our products are consistent and made to our science-based specifications. These analyses indicate the quantity of our CBD and the amount of other cannabinoids and terpenes, while also confirming the non-existent levels of THC. 

Our Promise

If you are an athlete, first responder, doctor, nurse, active US Military member, or anyone else that is regularly drug tested, and you’re looking to use CBD to help with everyday health issues, you can feel safe that Applied Botanics complete spectrum CBD will do the job without creating any worry regarding your routine drug tests. 

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For More information:

Want to see our COAs? Here’s our latest batch of analyses performed on our products:

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