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How Bentley manages pain with CBD

Who is Bentley?

Bentley is a 9-year-old mixed breed dog.  He was re-homed at 9 months old, where he quickly became the center of his new family’s world. He is an energetic pup, who is always looking for a lap to hop on. So when he began to exhibit signs of back/neck pain, it was incredibly worrisome for his family. 

With each jump on and off the couch, Bentley would let out a painful yelp. It became increasingly worse until it was unbearable and he was unable to move without letting out screams. After several vet visits, it was determined that he was suffering from an Intervertebral Disc Herniation or “slipped disc.” Options for rehabilitating this injury in dogs are extremely limited. A costly, invasive surgery with no guaranteed result or a pain management route. 

How Bentley dealt with pain?

To start, Bentley’s family decided to try the pain management route. He was prescribed two pain medications, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory, and a sedative. In addition, he was placed on doggy bed rest and began cold laser therapy and chiropractic appointments. His strict medication regimen and regular vet visits became incredibly tiresome for both Bentley and his owners. Eventually, his pain level decreased some and they were able to slowly wean him off of the heavier medication but his Vet advised that Bentley would always need some medicine and would have to lead a more relaxed lifestyle.  

When Applied Botanics was added to his regimen, it changed the game. Bentley is now off of the last of his pain medications and uses exclusively Super Paws (Medium) every day at breakfast time. He loves the taste of it and won’t touch his food until it’s sprinkled on top of his kibble.

Applied Botanics oil made it so Bentley can live his life without being dependent on heavy medications. Not to mention, the medication refills and treatments were costly for Bentley’s owner. The surgical option was way too expensive, invasive, and didn’t guarantee a result. With Super Paws CBD he gets relief that lasts a month (per bottle) and is affordable. It aids in his pain and discomfort but also gives him a more mild demeanor, which allows for the quieter lifestyle he now requires.

How we can help

At Applied Botanics we offer three different options to ensure we have something for pets of all sizes. Our products have been reconstructed with natural bacon flavors, to make it both easy for you to administer the product and enjoyable for your pet to take. If your dog is struggling and you are looking for a route other than prescription medications, Super Paws may be your answer. Bentley’s success story shows just how effective our CBD oil can be in your four-legged friend’s life.

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