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How CBD helped Kali the German Shepherd with anxiety

Kali’s foster parents had never experienced a need for CBD oils with their own dogs, but when Kali came to them she was on a heavy dose of anti-anxiety medication. They had heard great things about CBD products before and knew that Kali was in need of a change. 

“She was out of control, eaten up with separation anxiety and dog aggressiveness. Kali was taking 15 mg of Valium and 400mg of trazadone each day.”

They started using our Super Paws CBD oil blend and began slowly weaning Kali off of her other medications. They haven’t looked back since. They have seen so many positive changes in their 80-pound foster dog, that she is now exclusively using CBD to ease her separation anxiety and aid in her aggression toward other dogs. They reported that her anxiety levels were lower than ever and she wasn’t reactive to other dogs. Her results were so great that they were even able to begin teaching Kali to sit and lay down. 

Why is this Important?

Pets can suffer from anxiety in the same way that humans can. Leaving anxiety levels unchecked in your pet can lead to an anxiety disorder and cause behavioral issues down the road. Similarly to that in humans, finding a treatment option can be a challenge but it’s important to try and tackle the issue for both you and your pet. According to the American Kennel Club, dog anxiety can be caused by fear, separation, and aging. Some signs that your dog may be suffering from anxiety could be aggression, drooling, excessive barking, pacing, and urinating or defecating in the house.

Ok, tell me more…

We offer three different options for pets of all sizes. Our products have been reconstructed with natural bacon flavors, to make it both easy for you to administer the product and enjoyable for your pet to take. If your dog is struggling and you are looking for a route other than prescription medications, Super Paws may be your answer. Kali’s success story shows just how effective our CBD oil can be in your four-legged friend’s life.

“I am absolutely AMAZED! If your dog is suffering from anxiety, or separation I recommend trying this product! Absolutely saved us.”

Our Promise

We take pride in our pet products and assure that every bottle of Super Paws is made to our high standards. A higher concentration of bio-enhanced non-GMO CBD grown on Applied Botanics controlled farmland will provide your pet the best ingredients to assist with a multitude of ailments and help them ‘Live Healthy + Happy.’

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