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How Jason the Contractor relieved his pain with CBD

Jason is a seasoned welder who’s familiar with working long days with his hands. As a contractor in Canada, it’s pretty normal for Jason to have to get through tough days in the cold to finish the day’s work. 

Recently Jason was introduced to Recovery, our highest CBD oil at 3000mg, created specifically to help reduce inflammation for those who put their bodies through a daily grind of physical challenges. 

“We were in for some OT yesterday, using a bunch of tools doing overhead work. Lining, trimming, and removing aluminum sheeting. All cut by hand with tin snips. After a 10+ hour shift, my hands were in a ton of pain.”

After being reluctant to try CBD, Jason utilized Recovery after sitting through a few hours of hand and wrist pain. 

“I decided to throw a few drops on the insides of my wrists. The throbbing went away in 30 minutes. The discomfort was gone. Pretty cool.”

Our Recovery product can be taken orally for a full-body application or applied directly to the targeted area for our CBD to be absorbed by the skin. 

Why is this Important?

Receiving Jason’s testimonial was no surprise to us. We often receive this type of testimonial from contractors, service workers, and first responders about our Recovery product. Not to mention, our farm operations team at Applied Botanics, who are no strangers to hard work and long days. 

We love that Recovery is having a positive daily impact on the people who put their bodies to the test on a daily basis. It’s the reason we developed the product and we are excited for those who are curious about CBD to try it out. 

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