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Meet Frank the Hero – Veteran, FBI Agent, SWAT Team Leader

The team at Applied Botanics is excited to introduce you to Frank. With over 34 years of military and tactical law enforcement, Frank is a hero, full stop. We are grateful for his testimonial and use of our product. 

Three decades of military and law enforcement service takes a toll on your body. 

“I suffer from mild degenerative arthritis in my hips from prolonged use and stress from both the military and tactical law enforcement community.”

Most days for Frank, he experiences a lack of mobility in his hips with the pain being the strongest at the end of the day. 

“My daily pain is far less than it was before I tried Applied Botanics CBD oil. Before taking the oil, I would rate my daily pain at a 6 or 7; after taking the oil for two days, my pain level was a 2 at most.”

Frank uses our product, created specifically to aid those dealing with daily pain. 

“My daily pain is far less than it was before I tried Applied Botanics CBD oil.”

Due to Frank’s use of Applied Botanics’ CBD oil, he’s finding the additional benefits of CBD to aid in his other physical pursuits.

“I have been on a yoga program for two years, and I believe your CBD oil has allowed me to get more out of my yoga regime, as well as my daily life.”

If you’re like Frank and find yourself looking for a new solution to manage the daily pain and challenges you’re experiencing, we encourage you to speak with your doctor to see if one of our CBD products is right for you.

Still not sure? Take our CBD quiz to find out what CBD is right for you.

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