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Meet Maui: How CBD helped this young Alaskan Malamute stay calm at home alone

Meet Maui. This three-year-old is a very cuddly Alaksan Malamute, weighing around 75 pounds. He loves swimming, and not surprisingly loves the snow! He also enjoys car rides in the truck and picking out bones at the pet store.

He lives a very active lifestyle and like many dogs his age, needs some sort of physical activity or playtime as his mood will be unpredictable. With so much energy, he can get himself into trouble. Maui has struggled with separation anxiety and would make it hard for his owners to leave for any length of time. He howls, cries, and even has escaped from his kennel. 

“Before leaving the house, we have to childproof everything and create these barriers around the house, because we didn’t know what reaction he’d have to us leaving.”

Maui’s parents decided to try Applied Botanics pet CBD to see if it would help him with his anxiety and calmness. 

“We tried another Pet CBD brand first, and Maui wouldn’t go near it, even when we put on a treat Maui wanted nothing to do with it. The effects were also unnoticeable.”

Then they decided to try Applied Botanics Super Paws. This time, Maui enjoyed the taste and began benefitting from the CBD immediately. 

“Separation anxiety is much better. Now he freely roams the house looking out his window during the day while we are at work. His focus and calmness during obedience requests has been a huge positive change and strengthened our bond a lot.  We will be customers for life.” 

If you are interested in Super Paws we have products for pets of all sizes. Since Maui is 75 pounds he takes our large pet drops, however, we also have medium and small CBD pet drops for dogs of smaller sizes. Maui’s mom and dad consider him a part of the family and we do too! Every product made is extremely consistent, affordable, and made of the highest quality

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