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Our Office Dog’s Journey to CBD

Hedy is the Applied Botanics office dog. This means she comes to the office, gives necessary kisses, and only expects belly rubs in return. She has also started her journey with our Super Paws CBD line. Keep reading to see how it’s going!

A little bit about Hedy

Hedy is 1.5 years old and is a Miniature F1B Goldendoodle (which is a fancy way to say she is 75% poodle, 25% golden retriever). She LOVES to fetch and go on long walks. Hedy is pretty calm for being only 1.5 years old. Don’t get me wrong she still has the initial puppy energy when she sees someone new or gets to go in the car but overall she’s a fairly mild-mannered puppy. However, she does suffer from separation anxiety and that’s why we wanted her to try CBD in the first place.

Trying Super Paws CBD Oil for the first time

Her initial reaction to the box was awesome. She could smell the bacon flavoring and instantly knew it was a treat! One thing to note is Hedy is very food motivated and licked the CBD oil out of my hand. Later on, I decided to top her kibble with it as a flavor boost and again she loved it. Hedy receives her CBD oil in the morning with breakfast. Sometimes we also give her CBD oil with dinner, especially if we are going to be out for the evening. She is very food motivated and will eat anything but she has a very sensitive stomach. She had no issues taking the CBD drops! She weighs roughly 25 lbs so we give her the small breed Super Paws. However, she has also taken the medium pet drops with no issues.

I noticed right away that she was very calm after taking it. We did our morning routine and when I started work (from home at the time) she curled up on the couch, looked out the window, and fell asleep. She was always calm while I was on the computer but I noticed she was extra content after one dose of CBD.

Hedy has separation anxiety sometimes when we leave, especially if she is full of energy. I noticed the CBD helps with this a ton! She would usually try to sneak out the door with us but after taking CBD oil she seemed more relaxed and less anxious. I even watched her through the window and she sat on the couch and watched the tv we left on for her. Before taking CBD she would often wait at the door until we returned.

CBD After Surgery

Hedy was just spayed. It was her first surgery so we wondered if the Super Paws would help her recover faster or reduce inflammation. We couldn’t ask her what her pain level is but we hoped that CBD might take some of the pain away.

Night one of getting spayed. It was rough. She was lethargic and still coming off anesthesia. She was also very confused and would often wake up whining. Around 3 am she would not stop whining so I took her outside to see if she had to go potty. She did and drank a lot of water. That is when I decided to give her Super Paws on some crackers. She ate them right away. I got her bed all cozy and she went right to sleep. I did hear the occasional whine but it was minimal compared to her whining before taking the CBD.

It’s hard to say if it made her tired or if it reduced her pain, but it’s clear that she was feeling better and the CBD was making a difference. In the end, I was glad we could all get some sleep! 

One week after surgery

It has now been 9 days since her surgery. Hedy is almost completely back to normal and her scar is healing nicely. She has taken Super Paws every day since surgery and has had no issues. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and is not even licking or scratching her incision which is great! We will keep her on CBD daily and she just finished her first bottle.

Our Promise

We consider your pet a part of the family. We take the same care in our pet products as our human products and assure that every bottle of Super Paws is of the same quality as our human line of CBD oil. Applied Botanics guarantees that every bottle is organic, non-GMO, and consists of the best ingredients. Consistency and transparency are very important to us so your pet can live Healthy + Happy.

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