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Pam’s father found relief from insomnia with CBD

Pam had tried just about everything to remedy her 80 year old father’s sleep troubles before finally finding Applied Botanics Tranquility CBD oil. He had always struggled with sleep but as he aged, he began to live a more sedentary life which caused his insomnia to worsen. When deciding to start her father on tranquility, Pam had a concern that is shared by many- was it safe for her father to use our CBD oil alongside the other medications he was already taking?

“He has many comorbidities and I was concerned about mixing his medications with Tranquility but after speaking to a specialist, I discovered that not only was it not a risk for him, it was recommended!” 

After Pam was given this information by a specialist she didn’t hesitate to order a bottle of Tranquility and begin a regimen for her Father. The positive changes that she began to notice were undeniable. 

“He went from sleeping 2-4 restless hours a night and napping throughout the day to getting 6-8 hours uninterrupted sleep! And, he has much more energy and strength during the day!” 

Ok, tell me more…

Tranquility is specifically designed to promote sleep and relaxation and may assist with the effects of insomnia and other sleep disorders. It combines pure cannabidiol isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted terpenes, formulated specifically to assist with sleep disorders. 

Like the results seen by Pam and her father, many customers using Tranquility see an improvement in quality of sleep and increased energy the following day. At Applied Botanics we know how important it is to get a restful night of sleep and wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day. Adding Tranquility to you or your loved one’s supplement regimen could be the positive change you’ve been looking for.

Our Promise

If you’re like Pam and you are caring for a loved one who is in need of a better sleep schedule or if you yourself are struggling with sleep, we encourage you to give us a try. 

“We’re now loyal customers of Applied Botanics and would recommend Tranquility to anyone who wants a restful night and a better start to their day!!”

It is exciting for us to hear about how our products have positively impacted Pam and her father’s life. We would love to do the same for you.

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