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Why long time CBD user Nick made the switch to Applied Botanics

Nick was no stranger to CBD oil when he was introduced to Applied Botanics. Previously, he had used other CBD products in hopes of gaining better sleep and alleviating some of his symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD.  With those CBD products, he didn’t see any real relief or results. However, once he added our Focus and Tranquility CBD oils to his supplement regimen he finally saw the positive effects he had long been hoping for.

“I recently picked up some Focus and Tranquility CBD from Laura, who was super helpful in educating me on the products. I had tried CBD in the past, and although my experiences weren’t bad, they weren’t earth shattering, either. With the Focus and Tranquility blends, I was able to stop taking a medication I had been taking for a couple years to help me sleep. Additionally, the Focus provides some relief from ADD symptoms throughout the day! I am a happy customer, to say the least.”

Why is this important?

Nick’s story is becoming more common with our customers everyday. Many people turn to our products as a natural alternative to the prescription medications they are already using. Our CBD oils are offering them similar or better relief than their prescription medication. If you’re like Nick and find yourself looking for an alternative solution to manage any challenges you’re experiencing, we encourage you to speak with your doctor to see if one of our CBD products is right for you.

Our Promise

All of our products are THC free, naturally occurring, non-toxic substances. When used at the appropriate dosage, they can target and alleviate many issues. 

Focus and Tranquility combine pure cannabidiol isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted terpenes. Focus is formulated specifically to assist with concentration, anxiety and even ADHD. Tranquility is formulated specifically to assist with sleep disorders. Focus & Tranquility are the perfect combination to help you achieve the ideal balance of productivity and rest.

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