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5 Ways to make bath time easier for your dog

Is bath time dreaded in your house for you and your pup? Well worry no more! We came up with 5 ways to make bath time easier for your dog. 

Is bath time dreaded in your house for you and your pup? Well worry no more! We came up with 5 ways to make bath time easier for your dog. 


Adequate playtime prior to the bath is very important. Make sure your pup gets his/her energy out prior to attempting a bath. If the pup is too excited they will splash and be more anxious when faced with the bathtub. A game of fetch, tug or simply a long walk around the neighborhood should calm your pet down enough to relax in the bath. 

Create Distractions

Dogs get distracted very easily, so if your dog is not a fan of the bath try and distract them with toys or treats. Some dogs are toy focused. Get some of their favorite (waterproof) toys that they can play with while you give them a bath.

 If your pup is food motivated try a Slow Treater, which is a slow dispensing licking mat that sticks right to the shower wall. Add some peanut butter and some bacon flavored Super Paws for optimal relaxation, place in the freezer for a few minutes and once the bath is ready mount to the shower wall and your pet will be enjoying the treat while you can bathe them. This will keep them distracted and communicate constant positive reinforcement with a tasty treat! 

Super Paws CBD Drops are all natural and incorporate premium CBD isolate with organic, natural bacon flavor and MCT Oil. CBD can help your pup relax while getting the bath but also help ease their anxiety after the bath. Super Paws PAWsome CBD drops come in 3 sizes to fit any size dog! 

Positive reinforcement (aka TREATS!)

In order to get the best results start bathing your pet from a very young age. The more they are exposed to bath time the more comfortable they will become. Also, make sure you have plenty of their favorite treats to give them while they are in the water. If they move around, praise them and give them a treat. This tells them that moving around and being comfortable in the water is a good thing. 

A few lower calorie options for praising treats include training treats or boiled chicken that is shredded. Simply boil one or two chicken breasts (unseasoned) in a pot until fork tender and fully cooked. Shred chicken into bite size pieces and store in airtight containers. Chicken will last in the refrigerator for about a week. 

Gather the right supplies

Make sure you gather all the supplies you need for the bath prior to getting your dog into the tub. 

Some important items include:

  • Towels
  • Tearless shampoo
  • Toys 
  • Treats
  • A cup 

Another important thing is a shower and wand duo! This makes your life SO much easier when bathing your pup. The ability to rinse your pup with the wand makes bathtime so much faster. If you don’t have a wanded shower head a large cup will help rinse your pup with ease as well. 

Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. Lukewarm water is the perfect temperature for your pup’s sensitive skin. 

Give lots of TLC after the bath

Once the bath is complete, make sure your pup is towel dried then blow dried (if necessary). Wet fur can be uncomfortable for some dogs. Also, make sure they are kept warm during the drying process. Cuddle up on the couch and give your pup lots of snuggles. Some pets need some downtime especially if they have a lot of anxiety about the bath. 

Make sure to BE PATIENT with your pup! If they are a rescue they may have had trauma with water in the past. So take your time and incorporate the bath slowly and purposefully.

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