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A simple guide to CBD dosing and how much you should take

Beginning a new supplement regimen comes with many questions. If you’re curious about taking CBD, you may wonder about the proper dosing for Applied Botanics CBD oil. Most importantly, before taking any CBD, we recommend you ask your doctor for their insight, especially if you are taking any current medications. 

For those ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD, here are some questions you’re likely to ask:

  1. How much CBD oil should I take?
  2. How often should I take CBD oil?
  3. When should I take CBD oil?

How much CBD oil should I take?

While recommendations can vary depending on which product you are using and the issues you’re looking to alleviate, we recommend the following as a general guideline for first time use.

  1. Withdraw a .50ml (½ dropper) of CBD oil and take on a recurring, daily schedule.
  2. Place the CBD dropper underneath your tongue and release oil from the dropper. 
  3. After 30 minutes, evaluate your physical well-being. If the CBD oil is showing an effect to your current state, remain at .50ml dose.
  4. If not, increase your next dosage to .75ml and 1ml, and continue to monitor how much CBD oil is necessary to alleviate issues. 

If you consider yourself to be sensitive to supplements, drugs, food or over the counter medications, you may want to begin with a ultra-low dose of .25ML. 

How often should I take CBD oil?

It is recommended with any CBD wellness product to use them regularly and consistently in order to maximize the effects. You may not necessarily feel the effects immediately following your first use, it could take some time to find your optimal dose and achieve the desired outcome.

When should I take CBD oil?

When you take CBD oil is completely up to you and may be dependent on the product (i.e. Tranquility at bedtime, Vitality with breakfast, Recovery after a workout, etc.). We recommend following a consistent daily schedule to be able to monitor your health and dosage. CBD oil products should be taken daily to encourage the best results. 

At Applied Botanics we’ve created five specialized formulas that target our customers’ individual needs. We are confident that together we can find the perfect formula and correct dosage to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve muscle recovery or a student hoping to increase productivity, our guidelines will ensure our CBD helps you live healthy + happy.

Reference: Gordon, D., Dr. (n.d.). The CBD Bible.

Disclaimer: Statements surrounding products sold by Applied Botanics have not been evaluated by the FDA and the efficacy of these have not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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