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CBD Chews VS CBD Gummies

We know that taking CBD oil sublingually, under the tongue, is not for everyone. Meet our new CBD Chews. These chews are our newest edible option for our customers. CBD in an edible format is a hot trend, most commonly seen in the form of a gummy. However, we made the decision to produce fruit chews instead of the popular cbd gummies. Why? Read on. 

There are three primary reasons we offer CBD Fruit Chews instead of CBD Gummies:

1. CBD Absorption

The main reason our team decided to offer our customers a CBD Chew rather than a gummy option is because of the high bioavailability of the chews in comparison to a gummy. Bioavailability is the extent to which absorption occurs. The most effective way to absorb CBD in the body is through the sublingual artery under the tongue – which is why CBD oil through a dropper is the most effective method to receive the benefits of CBD. However, when you chew a small gummy, it is only in your mouth for a limited amount of time (3-4 seconds). Our CBD Chews are larger and offer a higher amount of CBD (50mg) than a traditional gummy (10-25mg CBD). CBD Chews are intentionally chewier, requiring you to chew longer (10-15 seconds) before you swallow. This allows the CBD to be in your mouth longer and increases the amount of absorption, allowing for a greater chance of achieving your desired effect from CBD.

2. CBD Effectiveness

Another reason we decided to offer our CBD Fruit Chews over a gummy is that we are able to pack more CBD into a chew versus a gummy. Our mission is to offer the most effective products to our customers, and we don’t believe in selling expensive products with trace amounts of CBD. Our CBD Chews not only offer an industry-leading 50mg of our CO2 extracted and nanonized CBD per chew but also feature a unique and delicious taste.

3. CBD On The Go

In addition, our CBD Chews are individually wrapped making it easy to take them on the go in your car, gym bag, purse, or luggage, without having to bring the whole bag with you. Further, it’s also the easiest way to share the benefits of our CBD Chews with a friend or family member. We recommend taking CBD on a regular schedule to achieve the best results and we want to make it easy for our customers to do just that. For those of you who are always on the go, it is now easier to ensure you have your daily CBD dose with you. 

An added bonus of our CBD Chews is the added “boosts” that will enhance the effects of the product. As always, each CBD Chew formula features targeted terpenes that elicit specific effects on consumers. However, for our CBD Chews, each formula now has an added ingredient to amplify the effect you are looking for. 

Each formula features the following additive:

In review, CBD Fruit Chews are better than CBD Gummies due to:

  • Effective CBD Absorption
  • Larger CBD Dosage
  • Better Convenience

We are excited to offer our customers this effective and convenient way to use CBD. Order your Comfort (Guava), Focus (Lemon), Vitality (Tangerine), Tranquility (Berry) or Recovery (Black Cherry) chews today!

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