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CBD Chews: The Best CBD Edible Explained

Why CBD Chews?

With the rise in popularity of CBD products, specifically edibles, we have set out to provide the best CBD edible on the market. 

After our internal research, we saw how the CBD market was full of low-dose, expensive CBD edibles (specifically gummies) and often wondered if those products were doing more of a disservice to those looking to aid or relieve their health issues. The thought of purchasing a 30-count package of 10mg CBD gummy bears for $60 ($2 per gummy bear!) is highway robbery. 

We knew if we were to create a CBD edible product for our customers, it must:

  1. Have an appropriate, effective dose of CBD per serving.

  2. Allow for a higher level absorption.

  3. Allow for our specific CBD formulas to be used.

  4. Provide an additional “boost” to provide an additional benefit.

  5. Be unique!

From these objectives, we ultimately landed on our new CBD Chews, featuring five custom formulations and key ingredient “boosts” to hone in on our customers’ specific needs. 

Why are our CBD Chews different?

Reason #1: Our CBD Chews have 50mg of CBD in each chew, with a unique flavor for each formula.  

Reason #2: Our CBD Chews take 4x longer to swallow than a gummy bear, allowing for a longer time for sublingual CBD absorption, the most effective way for CBD to enter your system.

Reason #3: Our CBD Chews come in five specific formulas based on your need (CBD For You), with a targeted set of terpenes to key in on your health challenge. 

Reason #4: We added a special ingredient “boost” (B12, Vitamin C, Melatonin, etc.) to each product to provide a secondary benefit. 

Reason #5: To further distinguish ourselves, we individually wrapped each chew to provide our customers with the ultimate convenience to take (and share!) their CBD wherever they go. 

Ready to see the best CBD edible on the market? Check out each of our five CBD Chew formulas. Lastly – Did we mention they are only $50? That’s 30% off the cost of similar CBD products.

To learn more about each formula, click the links below:

Comfort CBD Chews with Relaxation Boost (B12), Guava

Focus CBD Chews with Energy Boost (Caffeine), Lemon

Recovery CBD Chews with Strength Boost (Vitamin D), Black Cherry

Tranquility CBD Chews with Sleep Boost (Melatonin), Berry

Vitality CBD Chews with Immunity Boost (Vitamin C), Tangerine

With these advantages and reasons in mind, it is our hope that you will try our products and see for yourself the potential benefits our new CBD Chews could offer you. 

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