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How long does CBD take to work?

You’ve done your research, you’ve picked out the perfect CBD product and figured out which suggested dosage you think is best for you. Now it’s time to use your CBD product for the first time. How exciting! Then it dawns on you. How long will it take to feel the effects?

The answer? It depends. 

How CBD works in your body

CBD is a modulator. It, at this point in time, cannot be definitively determined how long it takes for a person to notice intended results. What we can say is that the biology of CBD is complex and that CBD interacts with multiple cellular processes within the endocannabinoid system that regulate physiology and well-being. To that degree every person’s physiological system is different and therefore requires a different amount of CBD and a different amount of time to take effect.

At Applied Botanics we know that we can’t offer you a conclusive answer, so we won’t. We are all such complex beings with different genetic makeups and the answer is different for everyone. 

What we can do is give some educated advice. We propose, similarly to our dosage suggestions, that you approach the timing questions as trial and error. Use your product and evaluate your physical well-being after 30 minutes, if the CBD oil is showing an effect to your current state, remain at that dose. If not, increase your next dosage, and continue to monitor how much CBD oil is necessary to alleviate issues. Adding CBD to your supplement regimen is all about finding what works best for you.

Consistency and CBD

It is recommended with any CBD wellness product to use them regularly and consistently in order to maximize results. You may not necessarily feel the effects immediately following your first use, it could take some time to find your optimal dose and achieve the desired outcome. Armed with this knowledge we hope that you find the results you are looking for in your CBD journey. If you still have questions check out our blog post on CBD dosage.

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