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Is CBD safe for seniors?

If you are a caretaker for an elderly person or if you yourself are of an advanced age, you may be wondering about the safety of adding CBD to your regimen. Luckily, we are here to help. 

Similarly to starting any other supplement, we recommend consulting your physician first to ensure no interactions with current medications. We have many senior customers who have been given the go ahead medically and have started using our products. They have found them to not only be safe but also incredibly beneficial.

CBD benefits for seniors

Our products are designed to offer relief for a number of ailments, many of which affect the elderly. For instance, our Recovery CBD oil may help relieve pain related to arthritis. According to the CDC, 49.6% of senior citizens suffer from Arthritis. CBD may help relive symptoms from Inflammatory Arthritis or similar conditions because of CBD’s inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation in the body.

According to the study Sleep disorders in the elderly: Diagnosis and management, “Compared with younger people, elderly people show age‐related sleep changes, including an advanced sleep phase and decreased slow‐wave sleep, which result in fragmented sleep and early awakening.” Our Tranquility CBD oil may help correct an irregular sleep schedule. As people age and are faced with more aches, pains and sleep issues, Applied Botanics could be exactly what is needed to help assist with some of these problems.

Pam’s father suffered from insomnia like many people but then he started taking CBD. Check out his story here.

CBD may also help with bone health, heart health, neurodegenerative diseases, mood disorders, and medication management.

It is natural to wonder about the safety and efficacy of something before you decide to put it into your body or give it to a loved one. We are here to assure you that Applied Botanics can offer you the safest and most effective formulas. CBD is a naturally occurring, non-toxic substance and when used at the suggested dosage, it can target and assist with a number of health concerns. 

Who you can trust in the CBD world

Our CBD oils have been reconstructed with natural plant material that has been used for centuries. We then combine those materials with bio-enhanced non-GMO CBD grown on our controlled farmland to provide the very best ingredients. All of our products are backed by a team of Doctors and Scientists dedicated to studying CBD in a myriad of diverse medical trials. We can’t speak for all of the products on the market, but we can assure you that at Applied Botanics, we are committed to offering you safe CBD products that you can feel comfortable using or giving to your loved ones.

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