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Natural, Organic approach to better sleep: a simple guide

Do you find yourself struggling to sleep? If so, you are not alone. CDC data shows that 1 in 3 people do not get enough sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is essential to good health, and finding the solution to make that possible can be a challenge. While traditional sleep aids can be effective, they sometimes come with unwanted side effects. Over the counter medications can be habit forming, cause daytime grogginess and cause you to become dependent. If you’re looking to try a more natural approach to overcome your sleep troubles, our Tranquility CBD oil may be for you. 

So, how does it work? 

Tranquility is specifically designed to promote sleep and relaxation and may assist with insomnia and other sleep disorders. It combines pure Cannabidiol isolate with our patent-pending blend of highly targeted terpenes formulated specifically to assist with sleep disorders. Terpenes are the aromatic compound that is found in plants, namely cannabis. Linalool and myrcene are the most prevalent terpenes in this blend. Historically these compounds have been used to promote sedation. The application of terpenes medicinally dates back thousands of years. Tranquility is proprietarily bio-engineered with the exact amount of terpenes that our bodies need for a healthy and restful night’s sleep. 

Our Promise

A good night’s rest is the foundation for your entire day.  Many customers using Tranquility see an improvement in quality of sleep and increased energy the following day. Adding Tranquility to you or your loved ones supplement regimen could be the positive change you’ve been looking for. We know how important it is that you show up as the best version of yourself each day and we would love to help you do just that, using a more natural method, without any of the unwanted side effects.

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