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How much CBD should I give my dog? A complete guide.

Adding a new supplement to your pet’s diet comes with many questions. If you are new to CBD, you may be wondering about proper dosing for Super Paws CBD Oil. Most importantly, before taking any CBD, we recommend you ask your Vet for their insight, especially if your pet is currently taking any medications.

For those ready to let their pet enjoy the benefits of CBD, here are some questions you’re likely to ask:

  1. How much CBD oil should I give them?
  2. How often should they take CBD oil?
  3. When should I give them CBD oil?  

How much CBD oil should I give my pet?

While recommendations can vary depending on the issues you’re looking to alleviate for your pet, we recommend the following as a general guideline for first time use.

  1. Withdraw a .50ml (½ dropper) of CBD oil and administer on a recurring, daily schedule.
  2. After determining the correct product and the best way to give CBD to your pet (check out 6 ways to get your dog to love CBD) Release oil from the dropper onto food, treat, bread, etc.
  3. After 30 minutes, evaluate your pets physical well-being. If the CBD oil is showing an effect to their current state, remain at .50ml dose.
  4. If not, increase the next dosage to .75ml or 1ml, and continue to monitor how much CBD oil is necessary to alleviate issues. 

If you consider your pet to be sensitive to supplements or food, you may want to begin with an ultra-low dose of .25ML.

How often should I give my pet CBD oil?

It is recommended with any CBD wellness product to use regularly and consistently in order to maximize the effects. Your pet may not necessarily feel the effects immediately following their first use, it could take some time to find their optimal dose and achieve the desired outcome.

When should I give my pet CBD oil?  

When adding CBD oil to your pet’s regimen, it’s completely up to you and maybe dependent on the target issue. We recommend following a consistent daily schedule to be able to monitor your pet’s health and dosage. CBD oil products should be taken daily to encourage the best results. 

We take pride in our pet products and assure you that every bottle of Super Paws meets our high standards. A higher concentration of bio-enhanced non-GMO CBD grown on our controlled farmland and targeted terpenes are used to provide your pet the best ingredients which in turn assists with a multitude of ailments and helps them ‘Live Healthy + Happy. For even more information on consistency check out our blog on how we can guarantee a constant product every time.

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