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Terpenes and Dogs: What you need to know

If you have decided to begin your dog on a CBD regimen, it is likely that you have done your research and are relatively familiar with the potential benefits. Now it’s time to learn about terpenes and dogs.

With the rise in popularity of CBD products over the past several years information about how it can benefit your pet has become readily available. Something that is talked about far less, and is not as easy to find information on, is the science behind terpenes. That’s where we come in.

What are terpenes?

So, what are terpenes? How can they help your dog, and why has Applied Botanics created specific products built with proprietary terpene blends to create our premium CBD? Let’s dive in.

Simply put, terpenes are what you’ll smell and taste in CBD, wellness, and cosmetic products. Terpenes are the secreted oils that are derived from plants. They’re naturally occurring, as they are naturally created by plants as a repellent to ward off predators and attract pollinators.

What terpenes are in Super Paws CBD Pet Drops?

Our pet products are made with pure organic MCT oil, bacon-flavored MCT, 99+ CBD isolate, and terpenes. The most prevalent terpenes in Super Paws are caryophyllene and myrcene. 

Caryophyllene: Most often found in pepper, cinnamon, or cloves. This terpene interacts with our cannabinoid system to elicit an anti-inflammatory effect in our bodies. 

Myrcene: Most commonly found in cannabis and can promote a feeling of calmness when it interacts with our cannabinoid system. Myrcene is also found in other commonly consumed plants and fruits, such as mango, thyme, hops, and lemongrass.

This product is specifically designed with these terpenes to act as an anti-inflammatory for osteo issues and as a sedative to ease separation anxiety and help your pet to relax.

We take pride in our pet products and assure that every bottle of Super Paws meets our high standards. A higher concentration of bio enhanced non-GMO CBD grown on our controlled farmland is used to provide your pet the best ingredients which in turn assists with a multitude of ailments and helps them ‘Live Healthy + Happy.’

Terpenes the flavors of Cannabis- Leafly

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