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Creating an Affordable CBD

One thing that is apparent when looking at the wide variety of CBD products on the market is that they are expensive.  Couple that with a little bit of uncertainty and it can be extremely difficult to get started on your CBD journey.  Sadly, price alone leads to many people, who could truly benefit from the natural powers of CBD, never giving it a chance.  At Applied Botanics, our mission is simple, we want to provide Premium, Consistent and Affordable CBD.

We believe in the benefits of CBD, from helping with stress and anxiety to pain relief or getting a better night’s sleep, it’s a natural way to help you find your balance in life.  However, what good does it do to offer it at a price that most people can’t afford?  Better yet, many people seem to think that if CBD is affordable, that must mean the product itself is inferior.  Not with us.

More For Less

We’re always striving to provide more for less. That means twice the amount of CBD at half of the cost when comparing our products to other leading brands. If a person starts using CBD with an inexpensive product that also contains a very small amount of CBD, they may not see a difference or benefit from using CBD and may never give it another chance.  That’s why we make sure every one of our products feature a strong dose of CBD.

Display of all Five Formulas of our Affordable CBD Chews

Take our CBD Chews for example. While other brands might have a similarly priced CBD gummy, those products feature a minimal amount of CBD, sometimes as low as 5mg per edible.  Among other reasons, we chose to offer chews instead of the more widely available gummies because it allows us to put more CBD in each dose, in our case 50mg per chew.

Female using Recovery CBD Pain Relief Roll On on her shoulder

Our CBD Pain Relief Roll On is the same way.  At an everyday price of just $30, it features 2000mg of our premium CBD to give you the most bang for your buck.  Similar products at this price point usually feature 100mg to 200mg of CBD at best.  Again, if you’re looking for a natural solution to a particular ailment, we’re here to give you more CBD at a fraction of the cost.

How Do We Do It?

Now the question that usually comes next is how do we offer such a premium product at such an affordable price? In short, it’s because we oversee every step: farming organic hemp, CO2 extraction, creating product, packaging and shipping.  From farm to doorstep we have control of the entire process.  This not only helps us keep costs low, because there is no middle man, but it also allows us to ensure our product is premium and consistent each and every time.

Five Formulas

In addition to our promise to provide affordable and premium CBD, we also know that CBD is not necessarily one size fits all.  That’s why we’ve developed five custom formulas that feature all-natural terpene blends designed to help with specific ailments. While CBD can provide benefits across a wide range of issues, our formulas hone in on specific issues to make sure you get the help you need.

Our Promise

For us, it is simple, we believe in the natural benefits of CBD and we believe CBD products should be accessible to everyone.  Further, we think people should be able to use CBD every day without having to add a new line item to your monthly budget.  That’s why we are here.  We want to give you more for less and make sure that your journey to live healthy + happy is as easy as can be.

If you’re new to CBD, get started by reading our Essential CBD Guide for Beginners.  If you’ve used CBD before, but are looking to find a new product that better serves your needs, take our quiz to see which CBD product is best for you.

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