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Meet Katie Johnson

Creative. Adventurer. So Cal. International Pro Soccer Player.

Hi, I’m Katie

A SoCal native and USC alum (#fighton), I currently live in Chicago and play on the Chicago Red Stars (NWSL). As a professional and international soccer player, I feel most myself when I am able to be creative. Whether on the field, or off the field working on my latest DIY project, I love to be hands-on and stimulate my brain creatively. If I weren’t playing soccer professionally, I would want to be flipping houses and studying interior design.

Why I use CBD

I use Applied Botanics CBD for it’s stress relief and muscle recovery benefits. When I am not playing soccer, I remain active by taking walks around Chicago and swimming at the lake. I often take CBD before these activities to allow my mind to be at ease to enjoy these activities and help with recovery as I’m always looking to physically feel at my best on and off the field.

Live Healthy + Happy

Insights from our Ambassadors

My Healthy + Happy Status

I would definitely consider myself to be healthy and happy. One thing that helps me in my pursuit is constantly trying to expand my mind, learn and experience new things. This allows me to grow and evolve as a person. I believe you must take care of your body and your mind to truly Live Healthy + Happy.

My advice to Live Healthy + Happy?

Something that has been beneficial to me and my personal growth is traveling the world and constantly opening my horizons to new things, people, places, and ideas. People often think of health as working out and eating well, but for me, it’s the practice of openness.

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