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Meet Marcus Smith

Family Man. Entrepreneur. Mental Health Advocate. 6-Year NFL Vet

Hi, I’m Marcus

I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist - and I’m eager to add to that list as I look to make an impact in this world. As a former 1st round NFL Draft pick and a 6 year NFL Veteran, I had to retire from the NFL to face my mental health challenges head-on. Today, I’ve dedicated my life to being a mental health advocate. I’ve started a mental wellness sports facility, created foundations to help single parents, and aid athletes in dealing with their mental health. I’m eager to serve and give back to help others on and off the field.

Why I use CBD

I use Applied Botanics CBD in several different ways. Right now, I use Recovery after a busy day at the sports facility for muscle soreness. I use Focus while I’m deep in my studies, as I’m pursuing a few life coaching certifications. Lastly, I use Comfort to help me relax at home and be more present with my family. For me, using it on a consistent daily basis has made me feel so much better. The difference I feel has been surprising.

Live Healthy + Happy

Insights from our Ambassadors

My Healthy + Happy Status

I am definitely healthy and happy right now. For me, it’s about living my truth - living out who I am and not being afraid to show it. One of my obstacles in life has been worrying about what people think about me. I’ve come to accept that I can’t worry about what the naysayers think. You have to run your race. I understand and accept that I’m always a work in progress.

My advice to Live Healthy and Happy?

For me, it’s all about living in your truth and being OK with being vulnerable to others - especially those you love. There will always be highs and lows in life, but you have to learn how to be in the middle. Being happy is being your true self.

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