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An in-depth guide to how much CBD should cost

If you are considering purchasing CBD for the first time or are a long-time consumer of CBD, you may be confused about the various pricing levels you see on CBD oil and other CBD products. 

This blog aims to explain the price fluctuations, and why CBD prices are seemingly all over the map. Further, we’ll detail why Applied Botanics products are the most affordable, premium CBD products on the market.


Like any product, the way in which CBD products are created is the primary driver of cost. Applied Botanics is a fully vertical bio-science company. We are “seed to shelf” as we control and own all aspects of our grow operation, CBD extraction, and manufacturing. This allows us to control and minimize our costs, while providing an exceptional product (For more about our process, read this) for our customers.

When CBD companies are not vertically integrated, they rely on multiple partners (farmers, extractors, bottling companies, etc.) to bring their CBD products to market. This process creates the infamous “middle man” scenario where adding additional partners brings upon partner markup fees that are then passed on to you, the consumer, therefore increasing the cost of the product. 

Technology and innovation

Not all CBD is created equally. From seed to product there are multiple ways in which the final product (and price) can be affected. A few examples may include:

  • The quality of a company’s grow operations (hemp quality, soil, climate, etc.).
  • The use of (or lack thereof) high-end pharmaceutical grade equipment.
  • The process and research in which companies create their CBD targeted formulas. 

For instance, at Applied Botanics, we have: 

  • Our own 240 acre grow operation in a naturally fertilized site in the hills of Kentucky – one of the largest in the nation. 
  • On site, state of the art, pharmaceutical grade equipment (ethanol and CO2 extraction, custom bottling line) assembled to provide a seamless flow from field to finished product.  
  • Our THC free formulations, which allow for consistency in product from batch to batch, month to month, and year to year. 
  • Proprietary in-house formulations to provide a better taste while adding targeted and advanced care for specific ailments.

While Applied Botanics has chosen to invest in these technologies and processes, other companies have not. Further, there are CBD companies who have similar technology and innovation (although we are partial to ours!) but often they have to work with partners (see above) to match our process and standards.

CBD concentration

The amount of CBD in each bottle of product does play into pricing. You’ll see that the higher amount of CBD included in the product (i.e. 1000mg or 1500mg), the higher the price. However, there is no consistent market rate for products with specific levels of CBD. In fact, there are often elevated price jumps between products consisting of very similar levels of CBD. 

Let’s take a look:

Simple Cost Comparison

CBD BrandCharlotte’s WebMedTerraFealsBeamApplied Botanics
1500 mg
No product$99.99

Cost per mg

CBD BrandCharlotte’s WebMedTerraFealsBeamApplied Botanics
No product$.05$.10$.07$.03

The numbers speak for themselves. If you’re purchasing any of these brands, at times you’re paying double the cost! If you’re curious about trying Applied Botanics or interested in making the switch to a brand that wallet-friendly, we encourage you to check out our suite of CBD products and read our customer stories to help find the right product for you. 

The CBD industry today

With everything said, it’s easy to see why the CBD industry is a bit of the “wild west” at the moment, operating like most of the health supplement industry with no regulated US FDA regulations. Those who choose to sell CBD can invest little financial resources (relatively speaking) and sell a very poor product, while in turn asking the consumer to pay a high-end price in hopes the consumer doesn’t know the difference. 

This is why we wrote this blog. At Applied Botanics, we strive to produce and offer a product that is not only effective, but also affordable.  No matter where you are in your CBD journey, we hope you find the right CBD product that allows you to live a healthy and happy life.

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