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Everything you need to know about CBD

Abbey is a four-year-old Assie Shepherd. She is also, what is known as, a “foster fail” because she started as a foster pet and then became a part of the family. Abbey had a rough first few months of life.
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London is a 6-year-old German Shepherd who is very active and suffers from anxiety. She was adopted at 8 weeks old and has been playing fetch ever since. In fact, London would probably play fetch all hours of the day if she could, she needs a lot of exercise.
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Bentley is a 9-year-old mixed breed dog. He was re-homed at 9 months old, where he quickly became the center of his new family's world. He is an energetic pup, who is always looking for a lap to hop on. So when he began to exhibit signs of back/neck pain, it was incredibly worrisome for his family.
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Hedy is the Applied Botanics office dog. This means she comes to the office, gives necessary kisses, and only expects belly rubs in return. She has also started her journey with our Nano Pet CBD line. Keep reading to see how it’s going!
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Jason is a seasoned welder who’s familiar with working long days with his hands. As a contractor in Canada, it’s pretty normal for Jason to have to get through tough days in the cold to finish the day’s work.
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Adam is a gym owner and long-time trainer of the martial arts discipline, Jiu Jitsu. He recently made the switch to Applied Botanics CBD oil and it has offered him the relief he has long been looking for from CBD products.
Anna _the nurse_
Like many nurses, Anna is a travel nurse who is required to submit frequent drug tests. Before a major move to the west coast for work, where she’d be required to take a drug test, she completed a 12-hour shift. That type of shift definitely warrants a good night’s sleep.
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The team at Applied Botanics is excited to introduce you to Frank. With over 34 years of military and tactical law enforcement, Frank is a hero, full stop. We are grateful for his testimonial and use of our product.
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Kali’s foster parents had never experienced a need for CBD oils with their own dogs, but when Kali came to them she was on a heavy dose of anti-anxiety medication. They had heard great things about CBD products before and knew that Kali was in need of a change.
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Neil is a seasoned daily CBD user for migraine relief. He has tried several different well known brands and recently made the switch to Applied Botanics Recovery.
Kelly Tyler and Son
When Kelly’s son had to transition to online remote learning, it became an everyday struggle for the pair. Kelly’s son is 8 years old and was very resistant to his non-traditional instruction program. This caused a disagreement in their home every morning.
Nick was no stranger to CBD oil when he was introduced to Applied Botanics. Previously, he had used other CBD products in hopes of gaining better sleep and alleviating some of his symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD.
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Pam had tried just about everything to remedy her 80 year old father’s sleep troubles before finally finding Applied Botanics Tranquility CBD oil. He had always struggled with sleep but as he aged, he began to live a more sedentary life which caused his insomnia to worsen.