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CBD Products: How we Provide a Consistent Product

At Applied Botanics we provide premium and consistent CBD products at an affordable price. Our brand is fully vertical (farm to shelf) which allows us to streamline our production in order to offer a fair price to consumers. However, we also provide a premium CBD product by using CO2 extraction, pharmaceutical-grade equipment, blends of targeted terpenes, and something called nanotechnology. All of this allows us to create and guarantee a consistent CBD product time after time.


In the CBD world, there is a broad spectrum CBD, which means any THC in the plant is taken out. This is safe for anyone who is drug tested or would like to opt-out of having any THC. However, broad-spectrum is quite inconsistent with its CBD and terpene concentration. Full-spectrum CBD is taking the entire plant including the THC to make CBD. Again, it is quite inconsistent because every plant is different with different levels of CBD, THC, and terpenes that can make your CBD product more or less effective. Lastly, there is isolate which is a pure CBD product that is broken down to a powder. 

We consider ourselves the Complete Spectrum.

We are the complete spectrum because we use CBD isolate to ensure you are getting a consistent amount of CBD in every product. We also re-introduce terpenes to the CBD products to make them more effective for certain needs like sleep or recovery.

We want every product to be just as effective as the last and we want to be completely transparent about what goes into our products. Every batch of CBD goes through a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows everything in our products. This certification is done through a third-party DEA and ISO accredited lab. Check out our latest COAs

Using All-Natural Terpenes

CBD may help provide certain health benefits. However, what if you could make it better? For all of our CBD products, we use a proprietary terpene blend to create a premium product. Terpenes are what you taste and smell in CBD but can have very different effects and uses. Terpenes are naturally occurring oils that can be beneficial for animals and humans. There are thousands of different terpenes but we use the best ones that provide the effects we need. To read more about terpenes and the ones we use in our products, check out our blog post specifically on Terpenes. 

What is Nano CBD?

Now let’s get into the fun stuff, nanotechnology and nanoscience. Nanoscience started at an American Physical Society meeting at CalTech in 1959. Richard Feynman, a physicist described the process of manipulating and controlling atoms and molecules. Norio Taniguchi gave nanotechnology its name in 1981. Nanotechnology makes atoms and molecules extremely small. According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, there are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch. Imagine a sheet of newspaper, it is about 100,000 nanometers thick. Nanotechnology is used in many pharmaceutical companies to ensure bioavailability with products. Bioavailability is the ability for a substance to be absorbed into the body, making it more effective or faster acting. 

How does Nano CBD improve our product?

The idea behind using nanotechnology with CBD is to make the CBD more bioavailable (more absorbent and effective). With nanotechnology, CBD can be used to create nanoparticles that are so small they can be absorbed into the bloodstream more effectively than CBD at its normal particle size. 

Itzhak Kurek has a PhD in plant biochemistry and molecular biology, specializing in photosynthesis, yield enhancement, secondary metabolism, biofuels, and biobased plants. He is also the CEO and Co-founder of Cannformatics, a biotech company. In the article, “WTF is Nano CBD? We asked some experts” Kurek said, “Nano CBD is a CBD molecule packaged in nano-carriers that are the size of about 100 nanometers — or one-billionth of a meter — which allows the “package” to stay in the body for a longer time and to slowly release the intact CBD in the targeted tissue.” He also said,  “Nano CBD is a CBD molecule coated with very small particles, such as liposomes or lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), that stabilize the CBD and can move in our blood faster than ‘naked’ CBD, to effectively reach the target.” In theory, this would mean CBD that uses nanotechnology may work faster and be more effective. The connection between CBD and nanotechnology has not been widely studied, however, experts have promising expectations. 

Feel good about your purchase with Applied Botanics

Our unparalleled commitment to quality starts with our in-house propagation of high yield/pristine genetics, harvesting in naturally fertilized and limestone-rich Kentucky farmland, followed by highly effective isolation of specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and using nanotechnology to create a premium product at an affordable price. We believe that everyone should have access to CBD wellness and its benefits no matter your budget.  By doing this, we hope to create a culture of living healthy and happy.

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