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Abbey the Aussie Shepherds Journey with CBD

Abbey is a four-year-old Assie Shepherd. She is also, what is known as, a “foster fail” because she started as a foster pet and then became a part of the family. Abbey had a rough first few months of life.

Foster Pup Turned Family Member

She was 7 weeks old when she was found with one other sibling. When she went to her foster home she was covered in wood ticks and was in very poor health. It took weeks for her to recover from blood loss and malnutrition. Luckily, she slowly began to gain her strength and developed a very spirited personality. Her foster parents at the time knew that she needed to be a part of their family and decided to adopt her. 

Abbey’s parents are no strangers to foster pets. To date, they have fostered 78 animals and helped them find good homes. Abbey was different. She was a fighter from the start and blended perfectly with their family. 

Abbey’s parents jokingly label her as a cat. She loves to climb on everything she possibly can, and lives a life similar to a cat. She likes to hang around and get lots of love. Abbey’s mom said, “She would rather have snacks than go for a walk.” Even though she is not super active she is a lover. She even hugs people by wrapping her paws around their neck and squeezes tight. 

Abbey’s journey with Applied Botanics Nano Pet Drops started about three months ago. Nano Pet Drops are the first CBD product that Abbey has tried and so far she loves it. She takes her CBD drops in the evening with food and has seen big changes in her coat and demeanor. Her coat is shinier and she seems more content with her everyday life. Abbey started taking CBD for her overall health. But she’s seen improvements in many facets of her life. She has even stopped barking at people when they come to the front door. Abbey had a hard start to life but with a loving family, healthy diet, and the incorporation of CBD, she is now thriving. 

At Applied Botanics we know that your pets are part of your family and we want to treat them that way. All of our Nano Pet products contain the highest quality ingredients and are consistent, effective, and affordable. We believe in the benefits of CBD both for humans and our four-legged friends. 

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