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What are terpenes? A simple guide.

what are terpenes

When reviewing health and wellness products you will often come across this common term: Terpenes. Most often, brands will list the specific terpenes used in their products that elicit specific effects on consumers. 

So, what are terpenes? How can they help you, and why has Applied Botanics created specific products built with proprietary terpene blends to create our premium CBD? Let’s dive in.

What are terpenes?

Simply put, terpenes are what you’ll smell and taste in CBD, wellness, and cosmetic products. Terpenes are the secreted oils that are derived from plants.  They’re naturally occurring,  as they are naturally created by plants as a repellent to ward off predators and attract pollinators. 

There are over 100 different kinds of terpenes, all of which may have differing effects on you when consumed. For example, some terpenes may cause you to feel less pain, lower the feeling of stress, or even provide some sedative relief.  Cannabinoid products with added terpenes showcase the craftsmanship of that product, up-leveling the product against its competitors.

In each Applied Botanics CBD product, we’ve created a CBD + terpene based formula to take advantage of the naturally occurring effects from terpenes. For this, we’ve broken down each core terpene and shared the potential benefits each can provide our customers. 

Caryophyllene: Most often found in pepper, cinnamon, or cloves, this terpene interacts with our cannabinoid system to elicit an anti-inflammatory effect in our bodies. 

Humulene: Similar to caryophyllene, humulene may produce similar anti-inflammatory benefits when present in your cannabinoid system. In fact, it’s commonly found together in many aromatic plants. This terpene is commonly found in hop plants, giving your favorite beers their “hoppy” smell. When working alongside other naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant it may also provide appetite suppressant effects to promote weight loss. 

Mycrene: This terpene is most commonly found in cannabis and can promote a feeling of calmness when it interacts with our cannabinoid system. Myrcene is also found in other commonly consumed plants and fruits, such as mango, thyme, hops, and lemongrass.

Linalool: This sweet, floral fragrant terpene is most commonly found in lavender, sweet orange flowers, and basil. When this terpene engages with your cannabinoid system it may promote a feeling of calmness in your body, while promoting anti-inflammatory benefits.  

Limonene: Think citrus. This terpene is a central component in the peels of such fruits as oranges, lemons, and limes, and provides the citrus aroma you love in your favorite products. This terpene can interact in your cannabinoid system to help provide stress and anxiety relief.

Eucalyptol: Distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus plant, this oil has widespread use in many products from pharmaceuticals to fragrances. This terpene is commonly used as a component to relieve influenza and cold symptoms as it provides a soothing, cooling vapor while supplying a pleasant fragrance.

Alpha Pinene: Similar to its name, you guessed it, this terpene can be found pine, dill, and rosemary to give your senses a feeling of the outdoors. This terpene has potential effects that can improve memory, alertness, while also helping with anxiety and inflammation when interacting with your cannabinoid system. 

Nerolidol: When interacting with the human cannabinoid system, nerolidol has been known to create a sedative feeling, and is often considered a natural sleep aid. Further, there are research studies that have found nerolidol to be a strong antioxidant. Most often seen in the orchid flower, providing a floral and at times, wood-like fragrance. 

For a helpful visualization, the team at WeedMaps made this guide to help people determine which terpenes can better help them find their balance.

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Weedmaps, 2021.

Our products at Applied Botanics contain various levels of these core terpenes, amongst others, to promote a set of specific benefits to address our customers’ needs.  For more information about what our products may do for you, visit our product pages to see which formula may be right for you. 

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