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Applied Botanics Acquires Intellectual Property Rights to a Novel Cannabinoid Based Therapy Under Development for COVID-19

Louisville, KY, April 8, 2020 

Newly formed cannabinoid conglomerate to focus on medical and aesthetic applications

Applied Botanics, LLC. (“Applied Botanics”) announced today it has acquired from Applied Biology, Inc. intellectual property rights to a novel cannabinoid based therapy under development for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. “We are passionate about the evolving field of cannabinoids (CBD) research and are excited to be working with Dr. Goren and this distinguished team of scientists on such a monumental and potentially impactful project,” states Kawel LauBach, Applied Botanics Chief Executive Officer.

Applied Biology, Inc. is a biotechnology innovator focused on the development of treatment and diagnostics for androgen mediated diseases. Recently, Applied Biology’s scientific team in collaboration with researchers around the world made a breakthrough discovery that the difference in mortality rate among men and women COVID-19 patients may be due to androgen levels. This discovery was recently published in two peer-reviewed medical journals ( On the heels of this discovery, Applied Biology has commenced the development program of a novel anti-androgen therapy as a prophylactic for COVID-19 infection. According to Applied Biology’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andy Goren: “provided our discovery proves correct in larger studies, anti-androgens may prove as an effective treatment for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Interestingly, research suggests that cannabinoid may acts as an anti-androgen; thus, exploring the development of a cannabinoid based drug therapy for COVID-19 is of great interest.”

The company plans to release additional information as it advances its drug development program.

Founded in 2019, Applied Botanics, LLC (, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a CBD science based company. Our mission is to develop and market scientifically proven products.

Founded in 2002, Applied Biology, Inc. (, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a biotechnology company specializing in hair and skin science. Applied Biology develops breakthrough drugs and medical devices for the treatment of androgen mediated dermatological conditions. Applied Biology’s R&D pipeline includes a topically applied prophylactic treatment for chemotherapy induced alopecia; a novel diagnostic device that can aid dermatologists in identifying non-responders to topical minoxidil; an adjuvant therapy for nonresponders to topical minoxidil; and a novel therapy for female pattern hair loss.

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