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We received this product through Petfluence to try and I was excited to try this for my aussie puppy. She readily ate/licked up the CBD oil, although I started to just give it to her on top of her food at breakfast time. There’s not much that will slow down an Australian Shepherd, and she’s still full of energy, but I can tell she’s a happier pup with these. She also had a lot of anxiety with car rides, and while I still have to give her anti nausea meds, with the CBD oil she was actually able to lay down and relax during the trip. Much better trip for her, which is great. I’m hoping to use this to help her finally overcome the anxiety.

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The Super Paw drops really worked for our Old English Bulldogs. They have so many fights (female sisters). We have tried other oils but did not work for our babies as well as super paw drops.

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Talk about excited to give something a taste! I can definitely see the immediate benefit this is going to have in the long run for circumstances that require it, and it doesn’t always have to be because your pet is suffering from anxiety! A little help with inflammation from running a bit too hard (or in Chili’s case, wiping out in the mud/rain) goes a long way with a little of this!

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Liahna Wilson

So thankful that Applied Botanicals sent us these drops to try out! Badger just lost his companion dog and has really been out of sorts lately. The Super Paws Pet CBD Drops allow him to relax without drugging him. He is free to enjoy normal activities like fetch and learning new tricks because he’s not focusing on his anxiety. I also love that they are great for dogs with arthritis or joint problems because Badger is getting older and I think it’s important to be proactive with his joint care. Highly recommend – will definitely try again!

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Snapdragon is a high drive dog! We got these just in time for a big move. She’s been so much more relaxed and doesn’t appear stressed by the boxes as all! I couldn’t be happier.

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Krissy Bee

My pup Luna is super anxious especially on neighborhood walks. We decided to try Super paws CBD oil to see if it would help calm her . It has worked so well for us . She absolutely loves the flavor and will run to her bowl as soon as she sees the dropper! I love it because it takes the edge off her anxiety and keeps her calmer on walks making her easier to handle and our walks overall more enjoyable. We would recommend super paws CBD oil to anyone with an anxious pup!!!

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