I purchased the “Recovery” recipe to help reduce inflammation(and in doing so hopefully reduce ldl as elevated ldl can be associated with inflammation), and to help with long time tendinitis in my right Achilles and right tricep. Well after 3 weeks, the tendinitis is not noticeable(I work regularly wake up and feel like my ankle was in a cast) The one thing that surprised me the most though was how this enhanced my sleep. I am a deep sleeper but I struggle to get any sleep Sunday night, my mind races with organizing the work week for all my reports. I now sleep the entirety of my scheduled sleep time(10pm-4am) My eating, exercise, sleeping, working schedules have all stayed constant. The only change has been adding in applied botanical “recovery” CBD oil. 10mg upon waking, 15mg within 60minutes of bed time. Drops placed under the tongue for rapid absorption.