I’m a daily CBD user for migraines and have tried many different brands including Charlottes Web and Straight Hemp. I’ve been using the Applied Botanicals “Recovery” for over a month now and here are my comments. Unlike the Charlottes Web, I can take the Recovery throughout the day without feeling tired or loopy. The CW definitely has some THC (<.5% but it’s there) effects which negatively impacts me when I need to be sharp and energetic. I don’t get that effect from the Straight Hemp which also has some THC but also don’t get the same migraine relief as I do from the Recovery. So far I am very pleased with the Recovery’s ability to limit my migraines AND not knock me out mentally. Side note… I’m a fan of the naturally flavored CBDs. This one is the most pleasant natural flavor of the 3 brands. Last and very important, the cost savings I get from AB over the CW is significant!! Cost per mg of AB CBD is less than half that of CW.