Absolutely love this product, as someone changing from 5 years of 3rd shift to a daytime schedule it’s helped me change my entire sleep schedule. This is exactly what I need at the end of my days. Within the first 3 nights of taking this I noticed I woke up feeling so refreshed. I didn’t have any of that grogginess I’ve always gotten from any kind of sleep aid or even melatonin. Not to mention the crazy dreams. When I wake up after taking the tranquility blend I feel mentally sharp as well as physically ready to take on my day! I also used to be someone that was ready for a nap by 3pm I’ve noticed I don’t feel that so much. I feel like I’m getting more out of my sleep with this product. Has a great flavor as well as no heavy oily mouth feel I’ve gotten from other oils in the past. I just put it right under my tongue or I do a few drops in night time tea. Recommend this to everyone around me especially for the price point of this it’s worth every bit.