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Focus Productivity CBD Oil

1500mg β€’ 50mg/ml


$55.00 + tax

Stay on task, knock out that big project and get ahead of your to-do list with our Focus Productivity CBD Oil. (1500mg CBD per bottle, 50mg/ml.)



I have been suffering with brain fog as a result of covid for several months. After taking Focus for two weeks I have noticed a substantial improvement in my mental clarity. Thank you for an amazing product!


Nick Williams

I recently picked up some Focus and Tranquility CBD from Laura, who was super helpful educating me on the products. I had tried CBD in the past, and although my experiences weren’t bad, they weren’t earth shattering, either. With the Focus and Tranquility blends, I was able to stop taking a medication I had been taking for a couple years to help me sleep. Additionally, the Focus provides some relief from ADD symptoms throughout the day! I am a happy customer, to say the least.



After 1 dose I had a different child! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Remote learning with my 8 year old has has been a daily battle. He struggled to complete lessons, had no interest in doing the work, and pushed my patience to the limits. In the last 2 months he had become so defiant and argumentative with me regarding school. Yesterday at 930 am he had 1/2 mL of FOCUS and the next 3 hours he completed all of his work with little guidance for me, he was engaged and learning and enjoying it! I am absolutely blown away how successful school was. He was a joy to be around and we both agree the oil made a total difference! Thank you!!🌱


Chad Christison

My bottle of Focus came in the mail today and it is absolutely fantastic. Within 20 minutes I could feel it kicking in and found myself better able to focus during a conversation and listen to what my coworkers were saying without becoming too distracted from the task at hand. The flavour is fantastic and tastes like what I imagine flowers would taste like.

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Focus Productivity CBD Oil features a proprietary formula of targeted terpenes designed to enhance your mood and decrease your stress.Β  It is the perfect CBD Oil to help bring you peace, find your balance and allow you to accomplish your goals

Focus combines pure THC-free cannabidiol [CBD] isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted terpenes, Alpha Pinene(alertness) and Limonene (anti-anxiety). Every bottle is processed through pharmaceutical grade technology alongside a nano-emulsifying process to deliver a premium, consistent product at a fair price.

Additional Information

Broad Spectrum β€’ THC FREE*
*Analysis has shown no detection at the most sensitive practical analytical limit available.

Ingredients: Virgin organic golden hemp oil, CBD isolate, Limonene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Nerolidol, Alpha Pinene.

How to Use
Open: We suggest starting with a full dropper (50mg). Scale your dosage up or down as needed.
Take: Drop the oil under your tongue. Let it sit for 30 seconds before swallowing.
Relax: Be patient and relax. There won’t be a buzz or high, but you may feel effects within the hour.
Repeat: Take your CBD at the same time each day. Best results come after using consistently for a week or two.

Why Applied Botanics?

When Compared to Other Leading Brands

βœ“ Five custom formulas to specifically address common ailments

βœ“ CO2 and ethanol extracted CBD, with proprietary blends of all natural terpenes.

βœ“ Consistent color, flavor, and amount of CBD in each dose

βœ“ Nanonized CBD to ensure the highest bioavailability and fastest absorption

βœ“ Priced at 60% less than comparable products