Super Paws Pet CBD Drops

250mg, 500mg, 750mg


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When your pet is troubled by pesky enemies such as anxiety, joint pain and arthritis, have no fear, Super Paws Pet CBD Drops are here!


Super Paws CBD Drops are created with a formula that utilizes targeted terpenes to address specific needs. We then combine that with a SUPER PAW-SOME bacon flavor that your pet will love.

Super Paws is designed specifically to keep your pets calm and give them the powers they need to combat their toughest times.

Available in three sizes depending on your pet’s weight. (Small(250mg) for pets under 30lbs, Medium(500mg) for pets 30-60lbs, Large(750mg) for pets over 60lbs).


Additional Information

Broad Spectrum • THC FREE*
*Analysis has shown no detection at the most sensitive practical analytical limit available.

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, MCT Oil, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Bacon Flavoring

Open: We suggest starting with a full dropper (1ml). Scale the dosage up or down as needed.
Take: Try dropping the oil over your pet’s food. For pickier pets, try putting it on a piece of bread.
Relax: Be patient and try to keep your pet calm. You may see results in your pet within the hour.
Repeat: Try to give your pet the oil at the same time each day. Best results come after using regularly for a week or two.



Butter is a St. Bernard puppy that up until recently had to sit out at the dog park! She was diagnosed with mild/moderate hip dysplasia before turning one and her discomfort was apparent. She loves the CBD drops in her food and I’ve noticed both an increase in stamina and an overall contentment during play. This product has changed our day to day and I’m thankful she can enjoy activity and adventures fully!


Kevin Webb

Our dog is a big loveable cuddler, but tends to have high anxiety. This product did wonders to relax her and keep her at ease.

On top of this the customer service was top notch and quick to go above and beyond any way they could


Lacy Rauch

WOW! I’ve always heard great things about CBD Oil, but never had a reason to use it on my own dogs. I decided to give it a try with my 80 lb German Shepherd Foster Dog, Kali. She was out of control, eaten up with separation anxiety and dog aggressive. Kali was taking 15 mg of Valium and 400mg of trazadone each day. Once I started her on the CBD oil, I started to wean her off of the medication slowly. I am so happy to announce that Kali hasn’t taken valium or trazadone in over a week. Kali is strictly getting only CBD oil. Her anxiety levels are lower than I have ever seen, she isn’t reactive to the other dogs(but still not dog friendly) and I have been able to gain her attention to teach her to sit and lay down! I am absolutely AMAZED! If your dog is suffering from anxiety, or separation I recommend trying this product! Absolutely saved us.

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Why Super Paws?

When Compared to Other Leading Brands

✓ Three specific formulas based upon size of your pet

✓ CO2 and ethanol extracted CBD, with proprietary blends of all natural terpenes

✓ Consistent color, flavor, and amount of CBD in each dose

✓ Nanonized CBD to ensure the highest bioavailability and fastest absorption

✓ Competitively priced against leading pet CBD oil products